Controversial Mayweather-Canelo judge takes leave

The controversial judge, CJ Ross, that scored the Mayweather-Canelo fight 114-114 announced yesterday that she was taking a leave of absence from boxing. Ross received tons of ridicule over the last few days after scoring the Mayweather vs Canelo bout a draw. The fight was a one-sided boxing clinic by Mayweather and many fans an media outlashed at Ross for her scorecard via Twitter. Much of this stems from this being Ross's second controversial scorecard in less than a year in a half. In June of 2012 she scored the Pacquiao-Bradley fight 115-113 for Bradley in a fight that most saw Pacquiao dominating for 10-11 rounds of the fight. The Nevada State Athletic Commission reported Monday that they did not intend to take any action against Ross however the backlash that she has received from the boxing community perhaps forced her hand in taking a leave of absence. it is unclear whether or not Ross plans to comeback.  

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