Behind the Scenes with undefeated Dierry Jean

MONTREAL, Canada (October 15, 2013) - As undefeated light welterweight Dierry "Dougy Style" Jean (25-0, 17 KOs) patiently waits from his world title shot against International Boxing Federation (IBF) Lamont "Havoc" Peterson (31-2-1, 16 KOs), the IBF's No. 1-ranked, mandatory light welterweight challenger took some time out to sit on the hot seat.


What are your three favorite fights of all-time?


Dierry Jean: "Oh, there are so many. Most recently, I enjoyed watching the fight between Danny Garcia and Lucas Mathysse . Both guys went to war but one was smarter than the other. Garcia got shuffled a bit but after the fourth round he was able to manage the situation and out-box Mathysse. I would also say Floyd Mayweather's fight with 'Canelo' Alvarez. Wow! Mayweather simply out-boxed 'Canelo.'  It was amazing! Otherwise, for the third fight, there are so many that it is too difficult for me to choose another one."


What fight would you like to see one day?


Dierry Jean: "I 'd like to see Dierry Jean against Floyd Mayweather (laughs). I have the style to beat Floyd."


Who has been your model or inspiration in life?


Dierry Jean: "Camille Estephan (his promoter) inspires me a lot. Thanks to him I am here today and still in the boxing world. He truely is a model for me. He exudes positive energy and is very motivating." 


Who would you choose if you could face any boxer of all-time?


Dierry Jean:  "Sugar' Ray Leonard because he had almost the same style as me. He was a good boxer: explosive, skilled, and talented. I think it would be a great match." 


What music do you listen to during training sessions?


Dierry Jean:  "I don't listen to music while I train. If I did it would be hip-hop or any type of music that's moving. What really motivates me in training is thinking about victory."


What is your entrance song?


Dierry Jean: "The last song I used was, American Dream, by rapper Le Tito. There is another artist  preparing a special song for my next fight. I will keep it to myself so it'll be a surprise."


What led you to becoming a boxer?


Dierry Jean: "One day I had a premonition, a dream, in which I was boxing. The next day, I was approached by (former world champion) Joachim Alcine  This is what made me go to the gym for the first time."


How would you describe yourself as a boxer ?


Dierry Jean: "I'm a pretty complete fighter: fast, a brawler but with style." 


Do you have a ritual before your fight?


Dierry Jean:  "I relax and I try not to think too much about my fight. I watch movies, I play Playstation, I get massaged. Then, we go eat pasta with the team and begin our fight preparation."


What is the most significant fight of your career and why?


Dierry Jean:  "The last one against Cleotis Pendarvis because it is the one that allowed me to get a world title fight shot. It's also because it took place in the United States, in front of a crowd of new fans. This was my chance to make my name and get noticed."


Would you say it was your hardest fight so far?


Dierry Jean:  "No. I finished him in the 4th round! (laughs) But, mentally, as I was fighting on the outside - he was left-handed, fast - things became a bit more stressful for me. But I trusted my strike force and our strategy."


Of all the advice that Mike Moffa gave you, what would be the most important to you?


Dierry Jean: "Shape in or shape out! (laughs). You're 100-percent commited to achieving your goal, or you do not invest at all."


What do you want to achieve in your career?


Dierry Jean:  "I want to become world champion and successfully defend my title at least four or five times."


Do you have any personal goals that you wish to accomplish in your life?


Dierry Jean:  "I would like my family to be well; my daughter to be happy and for her to lack nothing. I would also like to open a boxing gym and, perhaps, become a coach."   


What advice would you give to anybody just starting out in boxing?


Dierry Jean: "You must follow your dreams and believe in yourself. Do not be discouraged by obstacles and always give 100-percent."


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