Mayweather lets fans decide, Khan or Maidana

Floyd Mayweather has decided to let the fans decide who is next opponent is going to be, or so he says. Yesterday after the Super Bowl Mayweather posted a picture of Amir Khan and Marcos Maidana on his Instagram account. The caption for it said:

"I'm going to let the fans vote. Tell me who I should fight next. Khan or Maidana?"

For weeks speculation has been that Mayweather will be fighting Amir Khan on May 3rd. Mayweather has been known to throw the fans for a loop but whether or not he's sincere is the question. Last year before the Guerrero fight he led fans to believe that Devon Alexander was his leading opponent. Alexander claimed to know nothing about it. This time though things may be different. The backlash that a Mayweather-Khan fight has received over the last month may have caused Mayweather, Golden Boy, and Showtime to rethink the fight. Maidana may actually be in contention. Most believe that a Khan fight is already done and Mayweather is just throwing the fans for another loop. For the record, right now the leading opponent out of the two is Marcos Maidana, who has a overwhelming lead over Khan. Also, it seems that Pacquiao may have more votes than Khan as well despite not being an option. 

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