Amir Khan vents about Mayweather poll, defends "chin"

Amir Khan posted the following statment on his official facebook in regards to the poll against Maidana, and a possible showdown with Floyd Mayweather on May 3rd at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas:

"Why would mayweather even consider putting maidana in the mix. Slow hands slow feet. Only thing he brings to the table is power. I agree he beat broner. We seen how mayweather deals with power eg Canelo. Let broner have his rematch on the undercard of khan v mayweather. I bring speed explosiveness power and footwork to the table. Look back at quick opponents mayweather has fought in the past, Judah , Oscar delay Hoya both had speed and where close fights. Floyd did say he needs fans want to see him knocking someone out because his fights are boring. So no wonder he's know wanting to fight maidana. I'm ready and been in gym for last 6 months. At 147 you will see a different stronger Amir khan. Ok let's talk about the chin which I always laugh about. Killing yourself making weight makes Ur punch resistance poor. Iv been killing myself making 140 lbs and should of moved up. Day before weigh in Iv been 12 pounds over. Not good. Iv taken the biggest shots from likes of maidana with 30 Ko's under his belt, who pple say is the biggest puncher and didn't go down but then Diaz puts me down with a little shot. Even though my balance off an I was on 1 foot it's cool. Il take it. So this proves weight making is the problem. Another example Angulo and ward have hit me with big shots and I've stood in front n not gone down They carry 25 lbs over me and are big punchers. This is because I'm at my natural weight. It's in the fans hands who they want to c me fight. If it's not me then good luck who. Ever it is."

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