Mayweather poll has Khan ahead, ESPN poll favors Maidana

Unless you've been living under a rock for the last week, which I'm assuming most people reading this article are not, Floyd Mayweather has left it to the fans to pick his next opponent via his website The two options are Amir Khan or Marcos Maidana. As it stands today Khan has a 55% to 45% lead over Marcos Maidana. From the looks of it, Khan will be facing Floyd Mayweather on May 3rd. 

An interesting factor in the scenario is that ESPN has done it's own poll. And while Mayweather's poll has around 32,0000 votes, ESPN's poll has double that with around 61,0000 votes. On the poll for ESPN Maidana has a clear 62-38% lead over Khan. ESPN is not big in the UK where it's likely Khan is getting most of his votes. It's clear that the US fans want to see him face Maidana and the UK fans want Khan. Khan will likely be the winner and the opponent, but unless Floyd is getting a very good share of profits from the UK, Maidana may be where the bigger money lies. 

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