Mayweather's silence has Khan seeking other options

Amir Khan seems to be fed up while waiting for Floyd Mayweather to make his decision. Despite winning the poll Floyd Mayweather has yet to announce his next opponent. One reason for this could be that Marcos Maidana won every other poll in the United States, including ESPN's that had twice as many voters. Mayweather, who isn't guaranteed a percentage of any money coming in from the UK with a Khan fight, may be rethinking his decision as most voters in the US are in favor of Maidana. Since the US is where Mayweather makes most of his money, a Khan fight may not be in the cards. Khan himself seems worried despite his confidence in landing Mayweather over the last few months.

"If it's not Floyd then whoever he fights, good luck. All this waiting around is not good for boxing fans and the fighters." Khan tweeted out obviously frustrated with the situation. 

"Meeting Golden Boy next week to see what my next moves are. Sorry to keep you all waiting." Khan continued. A quick read into that tweet would suggest Khan may have found out Floyd is leaning towards Maidana. However Khan seems unwilling to give up.

"Floyd Mayweather says the winner of his poll on his website he will fight. People are still waiting for him to announce. Give fans what they want."

Khan's tweets are no doubt a sign of panic and frustration. He gave up on a fight against Devon Alexander to land a fight with Mayweather. If Maidana's upset win over Broner has indeed allowed Khan to be replaced, Khan would need to look at a formidable foe to fight this Spring in order for the boxing fans to believe that he deserves a fight with Floyd. He could still be a September option if he played his cards right or he could be fighting Mayweather on May 3rd. Considering the fight is just a few months away an announcment from Floyd should be coming soon.

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