Rios on Provodnikov's next opponent "Hopefully it's Brandon Rios"

Brandon Rios isn't known to be the silent type. He certainly hasn't been quiet when it comes to his willingness in facing the hard hitting Russian Ruslan Provodnikov. Rios has been vocal on twitter and to the media in the last few weeks stating that he wants to fight Provodnikov next. He's also stated that he could make 140 to do it. However, it seems that promoter Bob Arum doesn't believe that Rios can make that weight. Because of that belief Arum has said that a Rios-Provodnikov fight wasn't likely to happen. That hasn't stopped Rios from trying, as earlier today he once again voiced his thoughts when we announced Provodnikov's return date of June 14th against a unknown opponent.

"Hopefully it's Brandon Rios." Rios tweeted. 

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