Oscar De La Hoya "Let's end the Cold War"

Former world champion and Golden Boy President Oscar De La Hoya is continuing his campaign to end the Cold War in boxing. Top Rank owner Bob Arum and De La Hoya have been in talks to possibly end the Cold War and to start promoting fights together again. However Golden Boy CEO Richard Schaefer is convinced that he will not work with Bob Arum again citing the difficulties of trying to make big fights with him, mainly starting with Floyd Mayweather vs Manny Pacquiao for the past four years.

The move by De La Hoya has caused somewhat of an unknown rift in Golden Boy. De La Hoya and Schaefer have taking light jabs at each other over the last two weeks in regards to working with Arum. Schaefer stated that he was the CEO and last time he checked he ran Golden Boy despite Oscar being the owner. De La Hoya has had his share of troubles over the last few years and Schaefer has been in control of Golden Boy Promotions helping to build their vast stable of fighter's that include Mayweather, Khan, Porter, Broner, Matthysse, Maidana, Garcia, and many more. Another interesting fact is that many of those fighter's are signed to both Al Haymon and Golden Boy. Haymon and Schaefer have a very close relationship and it's unknown how things would play out if Schaefer were to somehow leave Golden Boy Promotions. Haymon as been signing fighter after fighter in 2014, the most active he has ever been, and some are wondering if maybe this is something that he saw coming with the plan to break away from Golden Boy.

Nothing is confirmed and if you ask Oscar and Schaefer, everything is fine in Golden Boy. This is certainly something for boxing fans to keep an eye on. Ending the Cold War would provide tons of fights that boxing fans have been itching to see. Matchups like Provodnikov-Matthysse, Bradley-Garcia, Khan-Rios, Matthysse-Rios, Garcia-Marquez, and dozens more are just some of the fights fans have been begging for. However should Schaefer break away from Golden Boy with Al Haymon's fighters it could cause an entirely new set of problems. 

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