Chavez Jr continues to hold out on Golovkin fight

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr tweeted yesterday that he was ready to sign the contract to face Gennady Golovkin in July. The tweet showed a picture of him ready to sign the contract but also stating that he refused to do it as along as Top Rank forced him to sign a contract extension with them giving them rights to him for the next few years. Chavez Jr has stated that he wants to work on a fight by fight basis with any promoter and that he didn't want to re-sign with Top Rank. The showdown with Golovkin is contingent on Chavez Jr. signing the extension which is the reason why he is holding out. 

It's unclear the exact reasons why Chavez Jr doesn't want to continue his relationship with Top Rank. Rumors reported that Chavez Jr was in talks with manager Al Haymon. It's no secret that Haymon often finds ways to get his fighter's the most money each time they fight. Chavez Jr is stating that he is willing to work with Top Rank in the future but that he doesn't want to be bound to just them.

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