Mayweather-Maidana, Khan-Collazo Breakdown And Prediction

With The Moment one day away Floyd Mayweather’s biggest challenge seems to be trying to get people to actually buy the fight tomorrow night when he squares off against the hard hitting Marcos Maidana. In the past week he has claimed interest in buying the Los Angeles Clippers, said this could be his last fight, and has attacked Miss Jackson for allegedly aborting twins that may or may not have been his. Going in to a 12-1 favorite, most think there is no point to watch a fight where Mayweather once again will dominate in boring fashion. I, however, disagree. For those of you out there thinking that this is going to be a walk in a park for the pound for pound King of boxing, pay attention. The time has come to predict and analyze the card for The Moment.


Floyd Mayweather vs Marcos Maidana:


I have yet to see a boxing expert pick Marcos Maidana to win this fight. And that to me is kind of scary. There’s always a few that go out on a limb in these big match ups, and none have here. Is the universe priming for one of the biggest upsets in boxing history? Could this be the time, where no one is expecting, no one is buying, no one is paying attention, where Floyd Mayweather finally tastes defeat? No. Floyd Mayweather is going to beat Marcos Maidana Saturday night. At least that’s what I think, and apparently what every other expert in boxing thinks. I do disagree with the majority in one thing though. It’s not going to be easy. Mayweather is a genius inside of the boxing ring. His ability to time, counter, and break down his opponent both mentally and physically is arguably the best ever seen. Sometime it takes a few rounds, but once he’s figured out his distance, how to counter, and where to move to stay away from dangerous punches, Mayweather cruises his way to victory almost every time. 


Here’s the problem, nothing about Marcos Maidana is normal. Sometimes he throws straight right hands, sometimes he loops it, other times he haymaker’s it like a UFC punch. His left hook is thrown wide and hard often coming in from awkward stance and lunging it. He jumps in, he throws body shots, and he’s willing to take a punch to land one. Oh, and his punches hurt. Mayweather is going to look to time him, to make him miss, but when you don’t know where the next punch is going to come from it’s very hard to do.  


Floyd Mayweather is going to need time to figure out Marcos Maidana. This is going to be key for Maidana. In the first 3-4 rounds of this fight I can see people being very surprised at how it’s going. I see Maidana landing some big shots that wows the viewers. I see Floyd a little off balance, and on the ropes a lot more than he wants to be. Maidana’s pressure will be a problem for him. However, Floyd is far more talented and smarter. He’s faster and his defense is perhaps the best ever. Floyd will figure out Maidana in the middle of the fight and I don’t think Maidana will be able to get to him once he does. Know this though, Maidana poses a danger for all twelve rounds. Somewhere later in this fight he is going to come on again and Floyd is going to need to be careful. I also think Floyd opens up a lot in the fight more than we have seen in the past. I see him throwing fast combinations, and more of them to keep Maidana away. This could be the most exciting fight we’ve seen Mayweather in since Oscar De La Hoya. But just like that result, I expect Mayweather to come out with his hand raised. 


Floyd Mayweather defeats Marcos Maidana 116-112


Amir Khan vs Luis Collazo:


Everyone’s calling it the fight that will steal the show. I agree. This fight has fireworks written all over it. Khan is the better boxer but his chin is suspect. He has a hard time against guys that can hit hard, and Collazo can hit. But I see a lot of people out there mistaking Collazo’s power for what it really is. He can hit hard but he doesn’t hit like Maidana, Matthysse, or Provodnikov.  Despite what most people think of Khan’s chin, he did take Marcos Maidana’s best shots for twelve rounds. I think Maidana hits harder than Collazo. I also don’t think Collazo will land as much on Khan. Khan’s speed is going to play a big part in this fight. As long as Khan doesn’t get into wild exchanges with Collazo I think he will win this fight. It’s going to be tough. I can see Khan getting dropped. Both these guys like to exchange but I believe Khan plays this smarter than he has in the past. Collazo’s southpaw stance could cause Khan some serious problems though. If he gets hit with something that he doesn’t see coming he may not get back up. I like Khan to be smarter in this fight. but he gets dropped. Collazo will put pressure on Khan most of the night and Khan will ill-advised get into some exchanges. He will however prevail. 


Amir Khan defeats Luis Collazo 115-112


Adrien Broner vs Carlos Molina:


Broner is fortunate of two things here. He’s not fighting the Carlos Molina that is still in jail, and he’s not fighting John Molina, the guy he was supposed to fight. Call this a showcase fight for Broner to the fans that haven’t seen him yet. The most interesting part of this fight should be his ring entrance. I don’t see Carlos Molina posing any threat to him. Amir Khan washed him and I think Broner will do the same even if he hasn’t been training as hard as he should. Broner is faster, stronger, and bigger. Molina has nothing he can do that would give “The Problem” an actual problem.


Adrien Broner defeats Carlos Molina 99-91


Also to open the card, I like J’Leon Love to defeat Marco Antonio Periban by decision. I say 96-94 in a closer fight than people think. 

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