Mayweather defeats Maidana in hard fought decision, Khan dominates

It wasn't a typical night for Floyd Mayweather, and it was supposed to be. Coming in at a 12-1 favorite over Marcos Maidana many thought that it would be another one sided dominating performance from the pound for pound king where he would use stellar defense and crafty counter-punching to win easily over Marcos Maidana. Instead, Mayweather was perhaps the closest he's been since his fight against Oscar De La Hoya to suffering the first loss of his career. 

Floyd Mayweather (46-0, 26 KO's) overcame adversity for the first time in years as he defeated Marcos Maidana (35-4, 31 KO's) by Majority Decision earlier tonight at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, NV. It took about two minutes into the first round for the feeling to kick in that this wasn't not going to be a typical Mayweather fight. Maidana put pressure on Mayweather, forcing him onto the ropes and barraging him with punches from all angles, frustrating Mayweather in the very first round and landing clean hard right hands that most viewers didn't think was possible against Mayweather. 

Maidana never backed down as he continued to put the pressure on round after round, forcing Mayweather to fight off the ropes every round, and hitting Mayweather with hard shots that clearly bothered the pound for pound king. Maidana held, he hit low, he pushed, and he did everything he could to fluster Mayweather. Mayweather took the hardest punches Maidana had to give and fired back off the ropes often landing clean shots that helped him win some rounds. Towards the middle of the fight Marcos Maidana seemed to tire a bit trying to get a second wind, which allowed Mayweather to land hard right hands against him while they stood in the center of the ring. However Maidana was still putting the pressure on Floyd bothering him so much that Floyd kept complaining to the referee. An accidental head butt would also cut the top of Mayweather's eye in round four making the fight get even more uncomfortable for Mayweather. Mayweather looked frustrated and confused for the first time in years as he tried to figure out Maidana. 

By the eighth round, Mayweather seemed to have figured out how to stay away of Maidana's big shots. Maidana kept the pressure on though bullying Mayweather to the ropes but it was Mayweather who held, pushed, and countered on the inside, often making Maidana miss and paying for it even while his back lay to the ropes. Mayweather took control in the last four rounds as he used his speed and hard right hands to lay into Maidana, who refused to be pushed back. It was an exciting fight from the opening bell to the final bell with hard exchanges connecting from both fighter's for nearly the entire fight. Scores were 114-114, 116-112, 117-111.

In the Co-Main Event, Amir Khan got some exposure to the US fans as he dominated Luis Collazo, dropping him three times to win a unanimous decision victory. Scores were 117-106, 119-104, and 119-104. Khan used his speed to fluster Collazo all night, and in a fight that was marked 50-50, this seemed like the fight that should have had 12-1 odds on it. Collazo couldn't figure out how to get in on Khan. When he did he found some success in landing shots but Khan was able to hold for most of the fight every time Collazo tried to get on the inside of him. Khan landed flush combinations all night on Collazo who eventually was holding his hands down allowing Khan to hit him in frustration. 

Adrien Broner bounced back from the first lost of his career as he defeated Carlos Molina by Unanimous decision. Scores were 99-91, 98-92, and 97-93 in favor of Broner. Broner failed to excite in the mismatch where he was as high as a 23-1 favorite. The scoring seemed off, and 97-93 was the appropriate score for the fight. Broner had a hard time with the light hitting fighter and the victory left more questions with him than it did answers.

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