Team Martinez says knee injury was no factor in loss

Sergio Martinez’s promoter Lou Dibella and advisor Nathan Lewkowicz both took to twitter earlier to state that Martinez was not having any troubles with his knee or hand injuries in his 10th TKO loss to Miguel Cotto:


“Sergio had no hand or knee issues last night. Felt dizzy after the shot to the head in rd 1 and didn’t recover. Only injury was a broken nose.” Said Lewkowicz. Many were crediting Martinez’s bad knee more than Cotto as to the main reason why Cotto was able to handle Martinez so easily to win by 10th round TKO. But according to Martinez’s team, that didn’t seem to be the case.


“Sergio has NEVER lied to me. The shot to the temple early in round 1 really ended the fight. Caused concussive symptoms. <3 alone kept him up.” Dibella tweeted. Martinez was stopped in the tenth round after his corner claimed his knee was not responding. It’s possible at the time they thought the knee was the problem. Cotto was ahead on all three scorecards 90-77 going into the tenth round. 

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