Floyd Mayweather says Marcos Maidana rematch is next

In an interview with BET before the BET awards the other night, Floyd Mayweather announced that he will be squaring off against Marcos Maidana for the second time this year on September 13th. While it's unlikely that the fight has been made "official" yet I'd assume that it will be announced very shortly. If recent years have taught us anything about the pound for pound king it's that sometimes he just says things to say it. However in this case the Maidana rematch does make the most sense, and being that Floyd has announced the fight just ten weeks away from September 13th, it's very likely that he is telling the truth. Mayweather also says that he has a surprise for everyone for his next fight in May. Pacquiao? Not likley, as again if history has taught us anything, Mayweather's surprises are hardly anything to hold your breath for. But we can all dream. Here is the interview link:


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