Mayweather gets New York State promoter's license

Speculations of Floyd Mayweather possibly staging one of his final three fights under his contract with Showtime in New York City solidified a little more last week as Mayweather Promotions was approved for a license to fight in New York State. 


No date was scheduled for any possible fight but this is leading to the assumption that Floyd Mayweather may be looking to fight at the Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn, NY either in September for May of next year. The CEO of the Barclay’s Center has expressed a continuous interest in having Mayweather fight there. Now that Floyd will not longer be working with Golden Boy Promotions it is up to him to actually promote is own fights, which means getting licensed in areas he or Mayweather Promotions would like to stage fights. The Barclay’s Center could very well be on Mayweather’s radar. 

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