Melson torn rotator cuff forces withdraw

Junior Middleweight Captain Boyd “Rainmaker” Melson has been forced to withdraw from his Saturday, July 26 bout against contender Glen Tapia.


Melson, who was in the best shape of his professional career and prepared in an extended training camp, believes he tore his left rotator cuff Tuesday during one of his final sparring sessions. A 2008 Olympic Alternate selection, the West Point grad gave up his spot after suffering the same injury. He’d also had his left rotator cuff operated on twice in the past, including in 2008 after tearing it.


“I felt it stretch when I was throwing a punch and I immediately knew something wasn’t right,” said the dejected Melson. “I tried to work through it but the pain only got worse. First, my shoulder started to throb then it got cold. Since I hurt my rotator cuff and had surgery twice in the past, I know what a tear feels like.”

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