Gennady Golovkin: The Most Feared Man In Boxing

Every once in awhile a fighter comes along that defines transcendent.  They possess a certain aura about them and extract an energy that can only be described as chilling.  Looking back thru the depths of boxing history, only a few fighters come to mind.  Sonny Liston possessed a bone chilling presence… Roberto Duran pumped fear into opponents… Mike Tyson may be the most transcendent of them all. 


Gennady Golovkin (29-0, 26 KOs) already has that aura and this comes without ever exchanging punches with a well known opponent.


In a sport that markets unforgiving brutality, such a character would usually be a promoter’s dream.  When looking at the aforementioned fighter’s careers, their aura worked to their advantage and was utilized as a major marketing ploy.  For Golovkin, it’s working against him. 


Nobody wants to fight Gennady Golovkin.  Now “nobody” is a relative term… Golovkin can find fights, as is evident by his matchup this Saturday with Daniel Geale (30-2, 16 KOs), which is easily his toughest opponent to date.  But Golovkin is at a point in his career at age 32, where he should be fighting the best in the world. 


If he had it his way, he would be.  A showdown with Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. was proposed to take place in July only to fall apart due to Chavez Jr. not wanting to extend his contract with Top Rank Promotions.  In what would have been a monumental opportunity for Golovkin to spread his aura and transcendence to a wider audience, turned into the Kazakhstan native fighting another little-known fighter. 


All indications point to Golovkin “daring to be great”:


“Right now my focus is 160.  I’m open for everyone  [who is] a big fight, a pay-per-view fight.  [Me fighting] at 168 or at 154 is just for a pay-per-view fight.  Right now my focus is 160 and I’ll stay here [at 160] and I’m open for everybody,” Golovkin said.per Bill “Two Scoops” Emes of


The truth is… the aura surrounding Golovkin is truly a byproduct of his innate ability to destroy opponents inside the squared circle.  He has a storied amateur background.  His power is unquestioned.  The man is relentless and looks to stop at nothing.  Golovkin looks to punish you… and he never stops coming.  It’s only fitting that Iron Mike is his idol.  


From the Jr. Middleweight to Super Middleweight divisions, there are a good number of quality matches that would help propel Golovkin’s career and more importantly showcase one of the best fighters in the world to the masses.  I highly doubt newly rejuvenated WBC Middleweight Champion Miguel Cotto wants any part of him.  Cotto’s fallen opponent Sergio Martinez sure didn’t.  It’s WAY too much risk for pound-for-pound king Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Oscar De La Hoya knows better than to put Canelo Alvarez in the ring with such an animal. 


That’s why Golovkin is subdued to fight the likes of Geale, Sam Soliman and Peter Quillin who are game opponents, but lack the marketability to turn Gennady Golovkin into a household name. 


For the average sports fan to be unfamiliar with Gennady “GGG” Golovkin is truly a travesty.  Sonny Liston was known and feared.  Roberto Duran is an icon.  Mike Tyson will forever be the most captivating personality in boxing history.  Golovkin deserves that same opportunity.  The question is… does any top-flight fighter want to give it to him?


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