Mayweather Promotions approved for Nevada promoter's license


Mayweather Promotions was approved for a Nevada's promoter license earlier today meaning that he’s now able to start promoting fights in Las Vegas. Earlier in the month Mayweather Promotions was approved for a license in New York, which now makes it three states that Mayweather’s company is now approved to hold fights in. Washington is the third.


There are many more applications out there according to CEO of Mayweather Promotions Leonard Ellerbe. The move is likely to try to steer away from Golden Boy Promotions now that Oscar De La Hoya has taken control of the company after the resignation of Richard Schaefer. Mayweather will likely still need Golden Boy to help with shows and get them fighters to match but the move shows that Mayweather Promotions is actually going to start being a promoting company on it’s own. Mayweather has always used Golden Boy Promotions to promote his fights in the past. 

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