Lamont and Anthony Peterson talk August 9

The August 9 Barclays Center fight card will have plenty of D.C. flavor with District-natives Lamont Peterson, Anthony Peterson plus Maryland's D'Mitrius Ballard all appearing in the event.  


As they prepare for their respective bouts, the three talented boxers held an open media workout in Washington, D.C. on Thursday afternoon. Here is what the participants had to say:


LAMONT PETERSON, IBF Junior Welterweight World Champion


"Each fight out I try to get better and better, I add new things to my camp. I'm focused more on my craft. I'm not a fighter who wins a belt and will be satisfied with that. I want to get better each fight.


"I've seen Edgar Santana fight; he can definitely fight. People haven't seen him so they don't think he deserves it. But he's been around for a while and still fighting. It's a tough task to stay in this game for 10 years.


"Without winning this fight, there's no (Danny) Garcia fight. Even if I win there might not be, so all I can do is focus on Edgar Santana.


ANTHONY PETERSON, Lightweight Contender


"I always had the hunger to fight, even during my layoff. I never stopped watching boxing, I never stopped being hungry because boxing is in my blood.


"I wanted to walk away from boxing plenty of times; after the (Brandon) Rios fight I wanted to walk away. But after all these years, I'm built for this and it reminds me to stick with it.


"In my 34 fights I've never asked about who I'm fighting, I just show up and show off.


"I see myself as a world champion. All I got to do is stay healthy, stay in shape and it will happen by the end of the year. Anyone in the lightweight division is an option.


"I wasn't sure if I was ready before the layoff to be a champion. I would have crumbled under all that goes along with it. I have more of a sensation for temptation than my brother. I pick boxing over sensation though."

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