Leo Santa Cruz, Alfredo Angulo, Miguel Vazquez and more talk September 13

Mayweather-Maidana Undercard 

– Quick Quotes


Here’s some quotes from today’s conference call showcasing the fighters on the Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Marcos Maidana rematch entitled “Mayhem”.  The co-main event features fan favorite Leo “Terremoto” Santa Cruz (27-0-1, 15 KOs)  vs. Manuel “Suavecito” Roman (17-2-3, 6 KOs).  Also on the card, Miguel “Titere” Vazquez (34-3, 13 KOs) defends his IBF Lightweight Championship against Mickey “The Spirit” Bey (20-1-1, 10 KOs) and Alfredo “El Perro” Angulo (22-4, 18 KOs) moves up to middleweight to take on James De La Rosa (22-2, 13 KOs).  



Leo Santa Cruz vs. Manuel Roman



Manuel Roman:


“Leo’s a warrior… that’s why we’re training so hard, we’re ready!” – Manuel Roman



Leo Santa Cruz:


“Very happy and excited to be on the Mayweather undercard… it’s a dream come true to be co-main event…” – Leo Santa Cruz


“All my fans are motivation… always thank the fans.  That’s why I go out there, to give them my best…” – Leo Santa Cruz


On if there’s pressure being the co-main event – “big…big pressure.. cause I’m the co-main event… I’m training 100% to give it my all… on September 13th, gonna go out there and give them a war…” – Leo Santa Cruz


On this fight being unworthy – “on paper it may be an easy fight for me… I sparred with him three years ago and we’d go to war… he’s a great fighter… great technique… never underestimate nobody, always train 100%... these are the fighters that are hungry…” – Leo Santa Cruz


On pushing for more difficult challenges – “Yeah, of course… if everything goes good, we want harder fights… Rigondeaux, Kiko Martinez, Carl Frampton… we’re gonna push it and try to unify…” – Leo Santa Cruz



Miguel Vazquez vs. Mickey Bey



Mickey Bey:


“Fighting Vasquez motivates me… I think he’s the best… people don’t credit his style, but he’s the champion for years… it’s gonna be a great fight… fighters might cherry pick [opponents], but I wanna fight the best…” – Mickey Bey


On preparing for Vazquez – “He’s gonna have more of a puzzle cause no one really knows all that I can do…” – Mickey Bey


On if he’s willing to change his style – “I’m gonna go accordingly… got a great trainer in Floyd Mayweather Sr… I’m just gonna come up on top no matter what it is…” – Mickey Bey


On what this fight means – “It’s huge! For me to get to this point after this long… talent wise, could’ve been the champ years ago… I’m mentally tough, strong and dedicated.  I’m glad everything paid off and I got to this point…” – Mickey Bey


On his loss to Molina – “Hope the fans enjoyed it… cause they’ll never see it again…” – Mickey Bey



Miguel Vazquez: 


“It’s a great honor to be with Al Haymon sports…” – Miguel Vazquez


On any plans to change style – “This is the style that took me to being a world champion… I may modify, more aggressive attack, but my style got me here…” – Miguel Vazquez


On Mickey Bey – “We know he’s a very talented fighter… fast… difficult… I’m very well prepared both physically and spiritually…” – Miguel Vazquez


On the evolution of his style – “Started off with my father, [he] taught me the craft… learned from Cubans, the art of boxing… to hit and not be hit…” – Miguel Vazquez




Alfredo Angulo vs. James De La Rosa



James De La Rosa: 


“I’m here to put on a show and come out with a win…” – James De La Rosa


On how to prepare mentally for the big stage – “Big stage for me… I need to be in my zone and block everything out… do what I do best and just train hard.  Can’t let the crowd play a role… I gotta focus…” – James De La Rosa



Alfredo Angulo: 


On the move to middleweight – “…was gonna stay at 154, but my body said otherwise… I think I’m gonna be more comfortable… the “Perro” you all know…” – Alfredo Angulo


On starting training camp early – “Came in early to camp… changing a lot of things in camp.  You’ll see on September 13th, no doubt in the ring…” – Alfredo Angulo


On the Canelo fight – “…didn’t learn anything in Canelo fight because it wasn’t me in there.” – Alfredo Angulo


On what we can expect September 13th – “I don’t really look into my opponents, don’t know much of De La Rosa… all I know is my opponents know they need to train extra hard to face me…” – Alfredo Angulo


On if his power will carry to 160 – “I don’t know… honestly, I think you’ll know on September 13th…” – Alfredo Angulo

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