Mayweather-Pacquiao, Golovkin, Hopkins-Kovalev, Canelo-Cotto: The Speed Debate

We took some of the biggest questions out there in boxing and let two of our writers debate the topics. Some of them they agreed on, and others not so much. Take a look below and see what R.L Malpica and Gabriel Gonzalez had to say about five of the biggest questions in the sport today:


Will Floyd Mayweather vs Manny Pacquiao ever happen?  


@RLMalpica: Nope.  I am still of the belief that Floyd Mayweather wants nothing to do with Manny Pacquiao, even at this stage in his career.  I hear the talk, but until I see the first Floyd-Manny press conference, my head tells me that Floyd will make obnoxious demands that will eventually kill any type of negotiation.  


@GabeJGonzalez: Yes, and I think it could happen in one of Floyd’s next two fights. Rumor is Showtime is not happy with the numbers Floyd’s been bringing in. This means Floyd’s next two fights have to be big. I think he skips his May bout for the simple fact that the people will miss him and come September they will want to see him fight. By then, it could be the Canelo-Cotto winner or Brook-Khan winner that takes on Floyd in September. This also leaves plenty of time for negotiations to happen for a potential Mayweather-Pacquiao clash. My only concern is does Floyd finally want this fight? All of the parties are in for them to fight after the Algieri fight in November. The only one not on board is Floyd. We’ll see, and I think even if he doesn't in September, his last Showtime fight would likely take place in May of 2016 where I think it could happen.



Is Gennady Golovkin the real deal?  


@RLMalpica: Definite Yes. He has it all… eye-catching power, relentless, skilled with a strong amateur background and best of all, he dares to be great. Unfortunately, we may never get the opportunity to see his true potential since his reputation has scared away the biggest names in the sport.  


@GabeJGonzalez: He can be. He has all the tools to be a PPV superstar. But one loss before he becomes a big name could devastate it. What Golovkin does have going for him is that he’s fun to watch so once he becomes as big as Mayweather or Pacquiao even if he losses big fights he will still sell well. Sort of like Oscar De La Hoya did in his prime. People paid to see Oscar fight, not just win. Golovkin can draw those same numbers but first he has to become big amongst the casual fans and that is slowly happening. As far as his skills go, I would go as far to say I like his chances against both Floyd Mayweather and Andre Ward…that right there says it all. 


Can Kovalev crush Hopkins? 


@RLMalpica: Yes. While Hopkins has made me eat my words on a number of occasions (Trinidad, Pavlik…), he’s in the ring with a different beast. Sergey Kovalev will prove to be too strong for Hopkins and punish the Alien resulting in a late stoppage.  


@GabeJGonzalez: It’s hard to say that anyone can crush Hopkins. I think Kovalev will beat him, I also think he will knock him down, but “crush” him, I’m not so sure. Hopkins moves well and is very tough to land big punches on. At the age of 50 nothing can be taken away from what he has accomplished. But this is not Shumenov, Murat, Dawson, or Pascal. Kovalev is a different breed. Hopkins won’t be able to hurt him which I think is the big thing in this fight. I think Kovalev beats him, and maybe very easily, but I don’t see a knockout. 


Who would you favor now, Canelo or Cotto? 


@RLMalpica: Cotto. I’ve been anticipating this fight for a while now and truly believe it will be an epic fight. Mexico vs. Puerto Rico. Rising Star vs. Old Warrior. In my opinion, both fighters are very similar with Canelo being a little quicker and more explosive while Cotto is more technically sound and well rounded. In the end, Cotto’s corner and experience will be enough to beat Canelo. I’ve yet to see Canelo show the ability to adjust in a fight and I’m expecting Cotto show him some different looks.  


@GabeJGonzalez: Everything in me says Cotto is the better fighter right now. But, I take Canelo. Cotto is smart, and Cotto is a different sort of animal under Freddie Roach. His left hook his back and he’s very aggressive now. But that’s where I think his mistake may lie when facing Canelo. Both fighter’s are easy to hit and both will stand in the middle and trade blows. I think that favors the quicker, stronger fighter…which is Canelo. It’s a true 50/50 fight. Canelo’s corner is not very good at showing him how to adjust to certain fighters but I don’t think Cotto will be moving around for twelve rounds. My opinion may change when this fight finally takes form but right now I give a very slight edge to Canelo.


Who's the best out of Guillermo Rigondeaux, Leo Santa Cruz, Carl Frampton, Scott Quigg, and Abner Mares? How would you rank them?


@RlMalpica: Guillermo Rigondeaux is the best. While he may be the least exciting of the group, his technical skills in the boxing ring are second to none. He also possesses the best win out of all of them [Donaire]. I’d rank them best to worst: Rigo, Frampton, Cruz, Mares and Quigg.  


@GabeJGonzalez: I don’t think anyone wouldn’t say Rigondeaux isn't the best out of the bunch, but before Frampton’s last fight I would have favored him. Frampton boxed Kiko Martinez a lot more than I would have liked. I think pressure and power punching can hurt Rigondeaux, who’s been in the canvas more than a few times. He’s the best technical boxer of the five but I think he can be beat. He’s not Floyd Mayweather. In order I’d say Ridondeaux, Santa Cruz, Frampton, Quigg, and Mares. 

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