Could We See Berto vs Ortiz Rematch 2015

On Saturday April 16, 2011 Andre Berto vs. Victor Ortiz was a 147-pound world title fight, that aired on HBO's Boxing After Dark. Berto was down in round one, Ortiz down in round two, both fighters down in round six. The fight ended on the cards @ judge: Julie Lederman 111-114 | judge: Glenn Feldman 112-114 | judge: Clark Sammartino 110-115 - a UD by Ortiz.

It was a epic fight that boxing fans love to watch. The public said "give us more" but the rematch never happen. Today Ortiz blasted out on twitter:

Berto Responded:

Lets hope these guys are serious and we finally get that rematch boxing fans have been asking for.

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