Mohammedi: I don't come here for joke or to play game

IBF number one contender Nadjib Mohammedi is ready to take on the toughest test of his career as he squares off against the undefeated light heavyweight champion and knockout artist Sergey Kovalev on July 25th in Las Vegas. The press conference to announce the fight was held yesterday, and Mohammedi made it clear that his first fight in the United States is something that he is taking very seriously.

"For me is big opportunity. My first time in USA just one years now. I respect Sergey Kovalev now is champion of light heavyweight but I don't come here for joke or for play or for game. I want be world champion. I work with Abel Sanchez in Big Bear for this. I am not stupid. I know what you think about me. I am not naïve. This fight is very, very difficult for me but I say it is very difficult for Sergey. It is not difficult just for me because I am very smarter, I am faster.

"On 25 of July I am ready with my team, I am ready for this fight. I am ready for Sergey. I am the new generation of light heavyweight because I don't want the same fight of another opponent. Thank you very much to Kathy Duva, my promoter. Thank you very much my team. Thank you very much my co-managers, Vince Caruso and Jon Ali. Thank you, Abel Sanchez. I will see you 25 of July for the big fight. I promise you this is a big, big fight. Thank you very much."

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