James DeGale: It's going to be a brutal battle, I am going to win

Andre Dirrell and James DeGale had a quiet final press conference today at Fenway Park. Both fighter's seem ready and focused to get into the ring and handle business Saturday afternoon. Here are some final quotes from James DeGale about this weekend's fight against Andre Dirrell.

"Andre says the belt doesn't mean anything to him in the fight - well, the belt means everything to me and more. I am here to make history and it doesn't happen without that title.

"I could win on Saturday night and retire a happy man - that's how much I want to beat Andre Dirrell. But when I do win that title, I am going for the rest of the belts, creating a lasting legacy for my country, my fans and myself.

"Andre is a classy fighter and he showed in the press conference that he is a classy guy too - when two fighters who believe in their ability 100 percent and know they are going to win a fight, it is going to be explosive.

"There's nothing but respect between us, but ultimately, we're going to take each other to dark territory on Saturday night, it's going to be a brutal battle - and one that I am going to win."

The fight begins at 430pm EST on NBC Saturday afternoon.

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