David Lemieux: I have one goal, it's to destroy

On the conference yesterday afternoon middleweight contended David Lemieux spoke about his upcoming title fight for the vacant IBF middleweight title against Hassan N'Dam. The fight will take place on Fox Sports 1 on June 20th at the Bell Centre in Montreal. Here are some of the questions and answers that Lemieux gave.

When asked about licking his chops to see that N'Dam was down five times against Quillin:

No because anybody I'm willing to go in the ring with, I'm going to hurt them regardless if it is an undefeated title who has never been knocked down or some guy who has been knocked down. To me, it makes no difference because I have one goal in my mind. It's to destroy and to be able to do it the best way I can throughout the whole fight. If it doesn't happen in the first round, or the fifth, or the sixth, I'll still try to the twelfth. There's always going to be patience from my side.

When asked about fighting in Montreal:

I'm very, very happy with it. It's a dream come true. I'm working extremely hard. My fans always supported me here from my downsides, to my upsides and to my greater side. But now I'm a different person and I'm ready to bring this title home and to be sure, for all the fans to enjoy this great night of boxing at home in our backyard and just from a walk away from home. So, it's good [audio disruption] for me.

When asked about N'Dam saying he didn't earn his spot:

Well, that's only going to make him look foolish when I beat him on the 20th, that's all. There's no luck in boxing. It's a hard man's work. It's life or death in the ring. It's not a game, and there's no such thing as luck in boxing. I've earned my right to be where I am, and I will be where I want to be. So, whatever his comment is, I disregard it and I don't concern myself with his opinion.

When asked if he watched Golovkin-Monroe Jr:

No. I'm just concentrating on this fight right now. I'm not paying attention to any other boxing. Just concentrating on my fight and on my [indiscernible], and that's it.

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