Hassan N'Dam: I'll be in my room in Canada on June 20th

Hassan N'Dam said that he will not be uncomfortable fighting in David Lemieux's backyard on June 20th when he travels to the Bell Centre in Montreal, CA. N'Dam answered questions yesterday on the conference call in regards to their bout for the vacant IBF middleweight title. Here are some things N'Dam had to say.

On how it feels to fight in David Lemieux's backyard:

Everywhere I fight, I feel like it's my backyard. I feel like I'm at home. I was born in Cameroon, but I made a name for myself in France. Today, I fight in LA like I'm at home. On June 20th, I'll be in my room in Canada.

On being mentioned as a top fighter should he win:

I always look at these things the right side. I've always been considered as an outsider. And, I've always proven my skills with each and every one of my opponents. I've proved to everyone that I have the [indiscernible] to be where I am at that given moment after each fight.

From the moment when I started competing in world championship fights-I fought only undefeated, tough opponents and I beat them. Except for [indiscernible] and that's the only one, but everyone knows [audio disruption]. Today, everyone is talking about the hard-hitter facing me. But people tend to forget what I've done before when I've faced other hard-hitting boxers. One day my skills, my talent and my efforts will be recognized and acknowledged and then I'll be in that midst.

On losing to Peter Quillin:

>p?I've explained this many times to people and this is, I hope, the last time I'll have to explain it, because my career is moving forward and not looking backwards. I fought Peter Quillin without being prepared. I had only a three-week notice and I didn't even do any sparring.

The only reason I took this fight with a three-week notice is because they threatened to strip me from my belt, and since I am a man, if I was to lose my title, I thought I might as well lose it in the ring.

I had no strategy to beat Peter Quillin. I just had to improvise to do-to do my own style. And fight with my heart. Which I think I did very well.

Today, this situation is very different. My team changed. My training camp is much better. I am steady in my head to do a brilliant fight.

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