Julio Cesar Chavez Jr hires Robert Garcia

The rollar coaster career of former middleweight champion Julio Cesar Chavez Jr continues it's ride coming off of his upset loss to Andrzej Fonfara in April. Chavez Jr said earlier today that he will be switching trainers once again after only one fight under Joe Goosen.

"For my next fight, my official trainer will be Robert Garcia." Chavez Jr said on social media. The move comes as no surprise. Chavez Jr has made a career of switching trainers. Even though he has only had two losses, he has switched trainers after both. Coming off the first loss of his career where Sergio Martinez handed Chavez Jr a beating over eleven rounds Chavez Jr got rid of hall of fame trainer Freddie Roach. After their fallout Roach was not secretive in sharing Chavez Jr's training tactics, or lack there of, to the world. Roach said that Chavez Jr only trained three weeks for the Martinez fight stating many claims to the fact that he could not get Chavez Jr to the gym. He missed workout sessions, didn't train hard, and barely showed up to the gym. He said that it was hard to find Chavez Jr when it came to training.

Later on, it would be learned that Chavez Jr had failed a test for marijuana following his loss to Martinez. Pictures of him eating a bowl of cereal in the middle of the night on the HBO show 24/7 began to surface with jokes. In his next fight against Bryan Vera almost one year later Chavez Jr had longtime trainer Vladimir Baldenebro in his corner. Chavez Jr pushed back the fight twice mainly due to weight issues. The contracted weight was 160, then 168, and eventually the day before the fight it would switch to 172 due to the fact that Chavez Jr couldn't make weight. Vera took it to Chavez Jr forcing a controversial decision win for Chavez Jr, in where many felt Chavez Jr lost. In the rematch, a more focused Chavez Jr took a clear victory over Vera.

A contract dispute with Bob Arum forced Chavez Jr to sit out for most of 2014 and almost half of 2015. Chavez Jr signed with Haymon and the PBC, and once again decided to switch trainer's. This time he would hire Joe Goosen. Goosen was telling the media that he was literally picking Chavez Jr up for training sessions to make sure that he didn't miss any sessions. Chavez Jr was destroyed by veteran Andrzej Fonfara in nine rounds for his first and only fight under Goosen. Chavez Jr looked outmatched the entire fight.

Robert Garcia is a world class trainer. He has the likes of Marcos Maidana, Nonito Donaire, Mikey Garcia, and Brandon Rios filling his stable. However, there are some things you can't teach a fighter. Is it skills that were perhaps never there that Chavez Jr lacks? Is it heart? Is it dedication? Those are some things that Garcia is going to have to figure out. Given the history of Chavez Jr, Garcia has his work cut out for him. Garcia in the past has said that Chavez Jr has contacted him multiple times to train under him, though when it came down to it, he never actually showed up to the gym. Garcia has always been open to working with Chavez Jr but it remains to be seen if the young fighter can become an actual force in the super middleweight, or any division, that he fights in.

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