Carl Froch next fight announcement coming

Former world champion Carl Froch told Sky Sports that he will be announcing his next move within the next month. Froch plans to either fight one more time or retire and will be telling everyone within the first two weeks of June. When asked about fighting middleweight champion Gennady Golovkin, Froch didn't back down telling Sky Sports he was more than willing to face the most feared man in boxing.

“Golovkin? He doesn’t worry me, I fear no man. I’ll fight Golovkin if I box again, but it’s a big if."

“If I do end up fighting Golovkin I want to take his undefeated record off him. He’s a middleweight and I think I would be too strong for him and I think I will be able to take his punches a lot better than the middleweights have taken them – or not taken them."

Froch also said that the chance of him returning to the ring is 50/50. "It's a coin flip."

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