Cuellar TKO Darchinyan Results

Jesus Marcelo Andres Cuellar defeated Vic Darchinyan in 8 RDs when the ref waved off the fight as Darchinyan was taking punishment on the ropes. Jesus Cuellar retained his WBC featherweight title. Darchinyan started strong landing his signature power left hook well. Cuellar not backing down and kept moving forward pressing the fight. Darchinyan was landing to the body and countering with connecting combos. By the 4th RD Cuellar started to catch Darchinyan and rocking him with hard punches. Cuellar continued to come on strong landing the leather. Then in the 8th RD Darchinyan got dropped hard by a big right hand and got back up when Cuellar came in for the kill. The ref waved off the fight at the same time Darchinyan's corner was throwing in the towel.

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