Nicholas Walters: After 2 weeks I will decide if to move up

Nicholas Walters discusses his win over nemesis Miguel Marriaga, and whether or not he will move up in weight after failing to make the 126 lbs weight limit for the fight. Walters defeated Marriaga by unanimous decision last night on HBO at Madison Square Garden.

After two weeks I will decide if I will move up to 130

Whoever is the best is who I want to fight. I want to fight the best

Even though I couldn’t make the 126 I wanted to come here and give them a good show and that’s what I did. I hurt him a few times but it was late in the rounds

Amateurs and the pros are two different things. You can’t bring the amateurs to the pros. I am a lot more organized than I was in the amateurs.

The crowd is used to people knocking down people. I have not fought in six months. He was a tough guy. I hurt him. I did hurt him. Some guys would go down but he is tough and he stayed up.

In the last round I hurt him too, with a body shot. I was trying to get him out but I just couldn’t get him

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