Andre Berto: Don't believe or run with any until the ink dries

Former world champion Andre Berto took to Twitter today to respond to Floyd Mayweather's comments about him being in line to face the pound for pound King on September 12th at the MGM Grand for what will be Floyd's final fight with Showtime.

"Been getting a lot of calls about this Mayweather interview. Understand something people don't believe or run with any until the ink dries." Berto tweeted. "But we'll see what happens but stop jumping the gun.. Floyd does what he wants when he wants. He has a lot of options on the table so do we."

Many felt that Floyd was playing with the media at the mention of Andre Berto or Kareem Mayfield being his next opponent but there was talk last week that Berto may actually be a serious candidate for the fight. The leading candidate is Amir Khan who has been pushing for a Floyd fight for years. No one knows what Floyd will do next, and that is perhaps the fun in all of it.

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