Why Golovkin-Bradley Should Not Happen

Leading up to, and following, his fight against Jessie Vargas this past weekend welterweight champion Timothy Bradley was stating his interest in fighting the most feared man in boxing, Gennady Golovkin. Bradley went on record numerous times in the last couple of weeks putting claims that he was serious about fighting middleweight champion Gennady Golovkin next, and was backed up in words by his promoter Bob Arum who said “don’t laugh” about a Golovkin-Bradley fight.

Well, Bob should realize one thing, nobody is laughing. In fact, some are afraid. In no way, shape, or form, and in no boxing ring in any place in this country or the world should Timothy Bradley be facing Gennady Golovkin. It’s easy to see why someone like Arum might want the fight. For Bob, he puts himself in a win-win situation. Should Bradley somehow pull off a victory the stock of Bradley rises. Should he lose it will be said that he was expected to lose because of the size advantage. Arum has everything to gain and nothing to lose so of course he is sitting back there saying why not?

That theory doesn't stay the same for everyone else. The fans will be subjected to another fight that is bound to end up being a massacre. Not only that, they will ridicule Golovkin for fighting a welterweight. At this point in his career Golovkin will sell big tickets at any venue, and television ratings are bound to be high regardless of his opponent. But that doesn’t mean it’s a good matchup nor does it mean that a fight against Bradley should be made. The fans want Golovkin in a fight that will help test him.

One thing that should also be taken into consideration is the health of Bradley, whose life and death fight with Ruslan Provodnikov left him concussed for the coming weeks. Lucky for Bradley he didn't sustain any long term damage from the fight. That may not be the same if he were to get into the ring with Golovkin, who is much bigger than Provodnikov, hits a lot harder than Provodnikov, and has more talent than the Siberian Rocky. The underlying truth here is that Golovkin could seriously hurt Bradley to a point where he may never fight again, or never be the same fighter again.

On the other side of things Team Golovkin should realize one realistic thing about a Golovkin-Bradley fight. He has absolutely nothing to gain. The fight wouldn't be PPV, and if for some reason it was, it’s not certain to do big enough numbers to get GGG a huge payday. Winning wouldn’t mean a thing. Defeating a welterweight that he will end up being an enormous favorite against would be a meaningless victory. And if for some reason he were to lose the fight he would ultimately end the hype, and his chances of ever landing the big names and PPV fights he wants.

In terms of putting two big names together one can see how the powers that be like the match-up. Bradley has built a warrior like reputation in the past few years while Golovkin is becoming a star with each passing fight. However, putting a fight together just because of two big names isn’t always the best idea when they are two weight classes apart. Golovkin may not have many options in terms of fighting a big names next but it’s coming. Bradley has a ton of fights that he can make at welterweight. Both guys will continue to have bright futures in their respective divisions or even the one above them, but neither guy should even consider getting in the ring with each other. It’s a fight that should not happen.

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