Luis Collazo: I'm not here for a handout

Saturday night Luis Collazo will once again embrace the underdog role as he takes on the hard hitting Keith Thurman in Thurman's hometown of Tampa Bay, FL. Collazo is ready to shock the world. Here's what Collazo had to say about fighting Keith Thurman Saturday night on the debut of PBC on ESPN.

"Keith Thurman is a champion, I can't take anything away from him. He's a champion in boxing but he still has more to learn. There's not a day I go to the gym and don't learn something new.

"I've had a great camp and I'm sure Keith has too. This is a fight you have to be ready for, not only physically but mentally as well.

"I'm not here for a handout. I'm coming here for win and to bring that belt back to Brooklyn."

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