Wille Nelson: The dirt had more value than my life at times

As Willie Nelson prepares to take on Detroit's Tony Harrison for his PBC debut this Saturday night on ESPN, he states he is ready to prove everyone wrong once again. Nelson and Harrison exchanged some heated words at the final press conference yesterday but Nelson states that he will remain calm:

"I'm the youngest of eight kids. I was raised by my sister. The dirt had more value than my life at times. I have four kids, I'm not letting this guy beat me and take food off their plate.

"How many times do I have to prove everybody wrong? I'm going to do it, once again, on Saturday night.

"I wanted to get Tony pumped up today and get him off of his game plan so we can capitalize on fight night. It worked, I even had his team fired up. So I'm extremely confident, it's on to the fight."

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