Mauricio Herrera: Lundy will know who the real monster is

Mauricio Herrera (21-5, 7 KOs) could be considered the best junior welterweight in the world going into Saturday night's fight against Hank Lundy. With two controversial losses haunting him from 2014 Herrera is trying to use 2015 to start fresh. His most notable loss came at the hands of Danny Garcia last year, a fight that many felt he won very easily. Herrera is moving forward with hopes of landing another big fight with a victory this weekend:

"Lundy is a tough fighter, we have both had tough careers. We have had it rough and this is the perfect fight for us. This fight will show who is hungrier, who has more heart.

"In Philly they know who I am, they know I beat the champion and they will know that I beat Hank Lundy.

"On July 11, Lundy will know who is the real monster is. Provodnikov couldn't drop me, Garcia couldn't drop me, Benavides couldn't drop me and Lundy will not take me down.

"I am going to come out as a champion on July 11."

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