Mayweather Update: Fighting on CBS Facing Berto-Mayfield

Stephen Espinoza, executive vice president of Showtime Sports spoke with The Las Vegas Review Journal on the rumors surrounding Mayweather's September 12th date. In recent weeks, Mayweather has claimed that Andre Berto and Karim Mayfield are the two frontrunners to face him on that date. Also there have been rumors about Mayweather's last fight being on free network TV.

Espinoza on Berto/Mayfield:

“One thing we’ve learned from Floyd is we know he usually does the opposite of what everyone says he’s doing, “I can tell you nothing has been decided to this point. But we’re getting close to where you need to make a decision. I don’t believe it’s imminent, but that can change with one or two phone calls.” Espinoza

Espinoza on CBS:

“The one thing Floyd has made clear to all of us is he wants his last fight to be very special and unique. We’re still looking at everything, and Floyd hasn’t made any decisions yet.”

It makes sense that Mayweather would fight on CBS. Many people are upset with the $100 PPV Pacquiao fight. I find it very difficult that Mayweather would break 1M PPV buys fighting anyone but Pacquiao in a rematch.

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