Chris Arreola talks Wilder, the PBC, and more

Mexican heavyweight Chris Arreola (36-4, 31 KO's) will be making his PBC debut on national television when he takes on Fred Kassi (18-3, 10 KO's) this Saturday afternoon in El Paso, TX. Arreola is rumored to be in line to face U.S heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder should he win Saturday night. This is what Arreola had to say about some of the questions regarding Wilder, the PBC, and more:


"Honestly it's a privilege and an honor to be fighting on national network TV where everyone gets it. It's different to hear of regular person - a person that doesn't even know boxing - know some boxers. Like I've been hit up by a guy like, "Hey do you know Keith Thurman?"

"They never watched a boxing fight in their life. But the fact that now it's on NBC, CBS, and all the three networks, people are able to watch boxers and showcase their skills. That's one thing that I'm so happy and honored to do is that it's not just a casual boxing fans but it's anyone. Anyone could watch me fight, and that's pretty dope. That's really an honor and just drives me to want to display my skills a lot more, knowing that there's going to be a wider audience watching me."


"To be honest with you, when I watched that fight I didn't think it was going to last two, three rounds. Personally I think that Wilder carried him. First I think Wilder wanted to get himself rounds. I don't think that Wilder was really trying to take him out until he actually pushed on the gas.

"Sometimes trying to showcase you get caught and he got caught a couple times with some stupid shots that he should never have been caught with. That's why I never want to go rounds. I don't care who it is."


"My main goal - first and foremost my main thing is being in boxing shape. My weight doesn't reflect my training. The main thing is I want to be a good boxing weight and great boxing weight in order for me to go the full ten rounds, in order for me to throw 80 to 100 punches around. That is my main goal is to showcase my boxing skills.

"As far as boxing weight, if I had an optimal weight, it would be in the mid-240s, like 44, 45, at the lowest maybe 42, but for this fight I'm thinking I'm going to come in in the high 40s, -- 47, 48. But the main thing is El Paso fans are going to see a good boxing weight and a great boxing fight from myself."

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