Julio Cesar Chavez Jr: I think I broke my hand

Following his victory Saturday night in El Paso, TX, Julio Cesar Chavez Jr stated that he's going to make 168 following his failure to make weight once again for the 168 lbs limit for his fight against Marcos Reyes. Chavez Jr also said that he thinks he broke his hand in the fight.

"I won. This is big for me and Robert," Chavez said. "I can do it better, but I won and that is the important thing. I'm going to fight at 168 pounds. Little by little, I'm going to get down in weight. We know we're doing much better work in the gym.

"In the third round I hurt my left hand. I think it's broken, I don't know. I'll see the doctor. With all respect to Reyes, if I hadn't hurt my hand I would have knocked him out.

"I connected on the best punches to the chin and the body. I hurt him, but I couldn't finish him because I hurt my hand. He threw a lot of punches but missed a lot. He never hurt me. I felt I hurt him every time I landed."

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