Chris Eubank tries to talk suicidal man down from motorway bridge

News just surfacing about Super Middleweight Chris Eubank trying to save a man who was dangling over railings to commit suicide. The incident happend Nov 14th on a motorway flyover M23 near Crawley. Chris Eubank had spotted a commotion and pulled over to find the man hanging. Police were in the process of trying to persuade Louis Perrina, 46, from nearby Broadfield, to get down from the ledge but he fell to his death.

Eubank tried to step in after seeing Mr Perrina on the wrong side of the bridge's safety barrier and approached him to ask if he was South African. The police asked Eubank if he knew the jumper. When police found that Eubank did not know him they escorted him away from the scene at which point the man fell to his death. The jury at County Hall North, in Horsham, was told that Mr Perrina had smoked a "last cigarette" before falling.The 46-year-old then turned round to officers and said "I'm going to go now, I'm going to fall down."

Chris Eubank has said he regrets complying with a police request to walk away from a Broadfield man just before he committed suicide.

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