Floyd Mayweather: Berto can fight, he comes to wage war

Undefeated pound for pound King Floyd Mayweather is continuing his stance on Andre Berto being a formidable opponent for September 12th, despite everyone else in the world thinking differently. Mayweather is also continuing his stance on September 12th being his last fight, again, something that everyone else in the world believes isn't true. At his media workout yesterday Mayweather sparred over 25 minutes with two different sparring partners allowing everyone to see something that usually doesn't happen on media day, especially in a Floyd Mayweather camp. After the workout, Floyd was not short of keeping his stance on Berto and the future.

"Berto can fight. He's a two-time champion. He's hungry. He comes to wage a war. There is never a dull moment when he fights so I expect a hell of a fight out of him. We'll all see how it plays out." Mayweather stated.

"My last fight, all you guys put [Manny] Pacquiao on a pedestal and look what happened. I went in there and did what I needed to do, which is win. This fight, no matter who the opponent, somebody would have something critical or negative to say. Some people are never satisfied. But I'm satisfied. Nobody knows what the future holds, but right now, I'm cool and comfortable and having no second thoughts at all about retirement. I had a good career, I won every world title, but boxing is wear and tear on the body. It's time to hang 'em up. I'm looking forward to working with some up-and-coming kids, going on walks, and taking vacations.''

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