Mayweather statement on WADA-banned IV usage

Floyd Mayweather Jr has released a statement in the wake of allegations he used a WADA-banned IV before his fight with Manny Pacquiao.

"As already confirmed by the USADA Statement, I did not commit any violations of the Nevada or USADA drug testing guidelines. I follow and have always followed the rules of Nevada and USADA, the gold standard of drug testing.

"Let's not forget that I was the one six years ago who insisted on elevating the level of drug testing for all my fights. As a result, there is more drug testing and awareness of its importance in the sport of boxing today than ever before.

"I am very proud to be a clean athlete and will continue to champion the cause."

The problem with the WADA-banned IV with Floyd isn't about replenishing fluids. IV usage can make & will dilute the urine sample, masking possible drug use. WE'RE NOT SAYING this is what Mayweather did.

What if it was Pacquiao who used the WADA-banned IV before his fight with Mayweather? What do you think Mayweather would have said?

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