James defeats Abreu in an action packed fight

Jamal James defeated Juan Carlos Abreu by UD Scores: 97/91 96/92 96/92 Friday night @ Full Sail University Winter Park, Florida, USA on BounceTV. In round one both fighters came out using the jab to test the waters. James landed a nice combination to the body toward the end of the first round. Jamal James used his height to set down on his punches. Juan Carlos Abreu, put pressure to get insode and do work. He was succesful when he put James on the ropes, however James fought well off the ropes landing combinations. The action picked up into the thrid round. Juan Carlos Abreu, landed a big right hand that looked like it shook up James. In the forth round the ref ruled a knockdown. After looking at the replay James was knocked down by a blow to the back of the head as his feet were tangled up. By the 5th and 6th rounds Abreu made the fight very physical taking the fight inside and making it look messy. In a great action packed seventh round James, landed two hard right hands that put Abreu on the defense. Abreu looked out on his feet hung in and fought back pushing into the 8ith round. James landed some great flush right hands in the eight round as Abreu peddled on his bicycle. In the last two round James, got into his rhythm using the jab as Abreu closed the distance bring the fight inside and applying the pressure. In the final round James contiuned to use his jab as Abreu moved forward landing to the body.

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