Gennady Golovkin: Training camp is a little new

Middleweight champion and star Gennady Golovkin is ready to headline his own PPV card October 17th when he takes on the hard hitting David Lemieux. Golovkin is solid favorite going into the fight however Lemieux will be the hardest puncher that Golovkin has ever faced. The ultimate goal for Golovkin is to defeat Lemieux so that he can try to get a mega-fight with the winner of Miguel Cotto and Saul Canelo Alvarez. He will also be testing PPV water for the first time in the hopes of producing some solid numbers in terms of buyers Here is what Golovkin had to say about his fight next Saturday night.

"Training camp is a little bit new, a little bit different, not like any of the others. New ideas and new strategies and it's very interesting. We have different sparring partners because of his style. Lemieux is a champion and he feels like a champion and this is a unification fight. I think he is ready for a unification fight and he understands the situation. He is smarter now because of his experience in his recent fights."

"This is going to be like a street fight. He has a good style - almost like amateur style. I will beat any style - amateur style or brawl style. He will be a good test for me."

When Golovkin was asked if Cotto or Canelo were next, he responded:

"It doesn't matter and I don't think about it. For me? Whoever is number one. I want all of the belts in the middleweight division and I will fight whoever is number one and it doesn't matter who it is. I don't like business. I like old school - who is number one? think this fight is more technical for me, and maybe for him too. It is very interesting for me because right now he is a star. With power alone, he could go maybe three or four rounds with me. If he boxes he could go twelve rounds. Every second is very important - every round - every step."

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