Kohei Kono defeats Koki Kameda in an action packed fight

Koki Kameda vs. Kohei Kono fighting for the first time outside of Japan. Kohei Kono defeated Koki Kameda by UD 12RDs Scores: 115/109 116/108 113/111.

Round one started with good action as both fighters came out trading punches and testing the waters. In the second round, Koki Kameda dropped Kono with a low blow. When Kono recovered he got up and scores a quick knockdown dropping Kameda with a right hand. Kameda seemed fine as it looked like a a flash knockdown. Then as the fight continued on Kameda received two point deductions for low blows. The four round saw more action as both fighters landed solid punches down the middle. Kameda, stepped up the action digging to the body as Kono continued his volume of punching. At one point the ref, Celestino Ruiz, stopped the fight went over to a ringside judge and said something as he covered his mic so that no one could hear. Then he walked over to the fighters and told them that if there was one more foul during the bout he would stop the fight. In round nine Kono received a point deduction for pushing Kameda head down after being warned. Both fighters continued to throw volume of punches. Going into the championship rounds Kono headhunting & throwing a lot of punches kept the pressure & landing well to the head and body. Kameda face started to show a lot of wear. The 11th round was an action packed phone booth fight with both fighters not backing down and throwing a lot of punches. The final round proved to be as entertaining as the the other rounds with Kono landing the straight one / two down the middle. Kameda also not backing off countering & throwing punches and punches.

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