Freddie Roach: Canelo's defense is terrible

Miguel Cotto's trainer Freddie Roach thinks that Cotto has what it takes to not just take care of Canelo this weekend but to also defeat Floyd Mayweather. Roach is hoping a victory Saturday night will lead to a Mayweather showdown next year. Here is what Roach had to say about Canelo and Floyd:

"Miguel has a great training camp for this fight. We're 100% ready for this fight, the biggest fight of the year. I've never seen Miguel better than this. I would love for Miguel to win this fight by knockout, call out Mayweather and then end his career. Miguel always tells me that if he had me in his corner when he fought Mayweather he would have knocked him out. He tells me that story all the time. I think Miguel could pull off the strategy I have to beat Mayweather. I think that would be a good fight for him. I think I could put Miguel in a very aggressive mode.

"Canelo's defense is terrible. He follows you wherever you go. He's like a robot. If you use angles on him, he will be lost. He cannot make adjustment well.

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