Carl Froch: The only fight I'd come back for is Golovkin

Former super middleweight champion Carl Froch is apparently having issues making up his mind. Speaking to Talk Sport, Froch said that if he were to come back for a fight it would be for someone like Golovkin. Froch also stated that he wanted the fight at 172 and Golovkin's promoter told him that he probably wouldn't come up to super middleweight for the fight. Despite what Froch is saying there has been confusion before. Golovkin's promoter Tom Loeffler has stated multiple times that Golovkin will go up to 168 for a PPV fight only and that Carl Froch was someone they would do it for. Froch remains retired for the time being, and he did retire while trying to negotiate a fight with Golovkin. However, Froch is persistent that he would fight the middleweight champion.

"The only fight I'd come back for is potentially Golovkin." Froch told Talk Sport.

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