Manny Pacquiao on brink of picking next foe

The return of former world champion and former pound for pound champion Manny Pacquaio is just over 4 months away. Pacquiao is expected to pick his next opponent by the end of the day today if he hasn't already chosen one. There is speculation that he has chosen Timothy Bradley but that is just a rumor at this point and time. The other two options for Pacquiao are Amir Khan and Timothy Bradley. According to boxing fans the most intriguing fight to them is Amir Khan. Khan is managed by Al Haymon who has had problems with Arum in the past and even to date as Arum's company Top Rank is suing Haymon and the PBC. Though the Khan option seems like the least likely it's the one fans want the most.

Ironically enough, the fight that fans are least interested in is Timothy Bradley. Junior Welterweight champion Terence Crawford also has fans interested. Pacquiao is expected to tell Arum sometime today if he hasn't already. Then it's a waiting game until Top Rank or Pacquiao makes the official announcement.

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