Omar Figureroa: It was all heart and guts out there

As career of undefeated junior welterweight Omar Figureora (26-0-1, 18 KO's) goes on there is almost one certainty that will happen every time he steps into the ring. He's going to be in a war. Last night Figueroa found himself in yet another toe to toe battle with veteran Antonio Demarco. It wasn't easy. But when it comes to Omar Figueroa it never is. He doesn't mind the toe to toe wars which is good for the PBC. Figueroa style of fighting is refreshing to the fans who love to see battles on national television.

"These are the kind of fights I love to be in. A little rougher than I would have liked and my face shows it. It was a good fight. I wish I had done better but I always do the best I can. My determination is what helped me win this fight. I'm not going to lose a fight. I don't have that in me. I've had every injury. I could have a missing arm but I'm still going to find a way to win the fight. It was a great atmosphere. I could hear the fans cheering me on and it's a great feeling. I know the people here were backing me up and I just wanted to give it my all.

"It was all heart and guts out there. That's what I rely on when all else fails. We do our best to come out with the victory. I want to fight in the 140-pound weight class. Some things happened that were out of our control and we just wanted to put on a show for the fans. My body is getting bigger but I want to do some things at 140-pounds before I move up. We're doing our best, we're learning how to do things right. We're in the learning process. My hands feel really good. They look like hands. Which is nice. My face looks like a face, just a beat up face.

One thing Figueroa is going to have to figure out is what weight division he can make. He weighed in at 151 for a fight that was supposed to be at 140. He's small for the welterweight division and way to small for the junior middleweight division. While he states that he wants to fight at 140, Friday's weigh in is saying otherwise. A fight with Adrien Broner at 140 would be a fight that the fans would love to see.

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