Adrien Broner: I could box every two weeks if they let me

WBA light welterweight champion Adrien Broner is looking to make a statement this year that starts with trying to defeat the durable Adrian Granados this Saturday night in his hometown of Cincinnati, OH. Broner whirlwind of a career has been plagued with many outside of the ring issues. Claiming that this is a new year, and a new found focus for the sport of Boxing, Broner wants nothing more than to make it back to the top.

"I could box every two weeks if they let me. But if I can stay healthy I'm looking forward to staying more active this year and fighting as many times in big fights as possible. It's a surreal moment for me to be in this position as a fighter and as a promoter. I know that these young fighters look up to me. If I go and keep winning world titles, it'll remind them that they have more work to do.

"I don't want to do anything but bring out the best Adrien Broner. There are some fights you can win, but not with a great performance. With a guy like Granados, I can't slack. He's only going to bring the best out of me. My main focus right now is on Adrien Broner and bringing more positivity in my life. It all starts with boxing."

Despite being one of the most controversial figures in Boxing the talented Broner's personality still draws interest from fans. He still brings in some of the highest ratings the sport has to offer even when he is facing opponents that serve zero threat to him. Granados is expected to make a spirited effort with some experts believing he has a good chance to defeat the sometimes lazy Broner. Is Broner serious about his new career? Only time will tell. The fight will be televised by Showtime Saturday night beginning at 9pm EST.

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