Keith Thurman: In the end, I'm the smarter fighter

Keith "One Time" Thurman is preparing for the most important fight of his career as he takes on fellow undefeated champion Danny Garcia on March 4th at the Barclay's Center in Brooklyn. The mega-fight is being televised by Showtime and will kick off at 9pm EST. Thurman and Garcia are considered two of the best fighters in the world at the welterweight division. Thurman is ready to show the world why he considers himself the best in the division.

"At the end of the day, it's just another fight. My job has not changed since I was seven years old. This is the sport that I love. The name of the game to hit and not get hit, but you know I'm looking to inflict some damage as well. I know Danny is confident coming into this fight. He's trying to challenge me and hurt me. I have an '0' and I'm not ready to let it go. If you think you can beat me, beat me. It's going down on March 4."

"You can expect a world class fight. We're both great champions with impressive skills. We're going to be pushing each other and testing each other. I see myself as the smarter fighter. I've shown that I can adjust in the middle of a fight. With the experience that I have, I go in there with an objective I'm trying to achieve. If it's not happening, then I have to use something else."

"Ultimately, my heart desires victory at this stage and at this level. I'm looking to do what I do best. Which is be a smart fighter, look for the openings and if I can cause some damage, hopefully I can capitalize on that."

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