Gennady Golovkin defeats Daniel Jacobs by UD

Daniel Jacobs fought fire with finesse and a good fight however it was not enough to win, Gennady Golovkin defeated Daniel Jacobs by UD Scores: 115/112 115/112 114/113.

In round one both fighters started out cautious touching with the jab. Then Daniel Jacobs started things off with a fury that did not do much. Triple G responded with his own combination. However nothing shocking landed as there was a lot of respect for each others power. In the second round Golovkin worked on cutting off the ring as Jacobs seem to neutralize the walked down. Danny used his stick to keep Golovkin outside the strike zone. Not much action yet in the fight. Jacobs continues to use finesse to keep Golovkin at will in round three. Golovkin remains patient and starting to relax to try to get into his rhythm. At the end of the 3rd GGG got caught with a big hook he shook off. Round four starts out much like the other round until Triple G lands a big punch on the jaw dropping Jacobs, he beat the count. Jacobs comes back firing and finishing strong. Golovkin starts round 5 strong landing some heat and opening up. Jacobs trying to stay calm & stays in the southpaw stance leaving himself open. Danny had a few moments in round 5 but nothing to win the round. Jacobs trying to play things slow and smart half way into the fight. Golovkin like a huntsman using his footwork to cut off the ring and landing in spots. Jacobs lands a hard punch that did not seem to Golovkin. Jacobs showing more confidents and firing away landed more power punches. HBO’s Harold letterman had the fight 3/3 in rounds at the end of 6th. In the 7th, Jacobs came on strong. He took GGG's punch, survived, and gained confidence. Jacobs wins two big exchanges to end the round and the tide turned. Jacobs limited Golovkin output by the 9th @ 17/46, GGG averages 28/56. At the end of the round Golovkin stunned Jacobs and almost knocked him out but the bell rang to save him. The 10th round they had some great exchanges with both fighters headhunting making the round hard to score. As the fight went into the championship rounds it was a close one point fight. Feeling the pressure both fighters trying to make something happen. Jacobs fighting the fight of his career he keeps his jab working as Golovkin digs in to try and knock him out.

Going into the 12th we put up a poll on twitter and here is how twitter scored the fight:

45%Gennady Golovkin

44%Daniel Jacobs


Down the stretch in the 12th both fighters very tired and letting everything hang out exchanging some big punches. Neither fighter could really close the rally.

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